The DTM scoops TKP

Dave McNair of The DTM scooped The Kudzu Project's story with the first (and best!) post of the day. Read it here. Thanks Dave!

TKP covered by NBC29's Henry Graff

Henry Graff from NBC29 reported on The Kudzu Project from Albemarle County Courthouse today. The court was busier than usual with neo-Nazis and counter-protesters attending the preliminary hearing of "the crying Nazi," Chris Cantwell. Graff requested and interview soon after receiving the press release issued by TKP this morning. His report should be on the nightly news at 5 and 6 pm but here is the online article. Thanks for your excellent coverage of our community's most pressing issues, Henry!

The Kudzu Project installed...then removed!

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA Early in the morning on November 9th, the day of self-described white nationalist Christopher Cantwell’s preliminary hearing at Albemarle County Courthouse, The Kudzu Project was installed on the statue of a Confederate soldier in front of the courthouse. Photos of the completed installation, taken just before dawn, show the statue draped with knitted kudzu and a sign explaining the project. After the installation, someone removed the kudzu leaving a lone strand hanging from the statue’s rifle. The Kudzu Project team members recovered the knitted kudzu and plan to save it for a future installation.

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