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Is there an anachronistic monument you'd like to cover with kudzu? Here are some tips for undertaking your project:

1. Maintain secrecy. We invited knitters to participate and circulated patterns through personal knitting networks - no social media.

2. Supply participants with clear instructions and patterns. We wanted only green yarn and asked volunteers to knit leaves or squares that can be formed into "leaves." 

3. Establish an email address for your project. This enabled participants to ask questions about the project and helped us contact people when it went live. 

4. Allow enough time but not too much time. We launched The Kudzu Project in early September and it went live on November 9. Having a relatively short period between the invitation and the delivery date will help to move your project up in the participant's queue of knitting jobs.

5. Practice before your installation. Assemble your team to work through the logistics of installation. If possible, practice on a less visible monument so you get a feel for what will be required.

6. Document your project. Send pictures to and we will post them on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Or start your own social media campaign and let us know so we can follow you.

You can see a copy of the project instructions we circulated here.

Here is a list of other Confederate monuments and memorials.

We invite all knitters to rise up and, following the powerful examples of the Pussyhat Project, the Welcome Blanket and The Kudzu Project, use your awesome talent and energy to change the world!

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