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Kudzu comeback...stay tuned!

After taking a break to work on other knitting projects and follow postseason college basketball, The Kudzu Project is making a comeback.

Earlier today, TKP taped an hour-long radio show with host Rick Moore of the Sunday Morning Wake-up Call to be broadcast March 25 at 11:00 am on WPVC 94.7 FM. It will be available online as a podcast following the broadcast. Moore interviewed two knitters from TKP about the genesis of the project and its meaning, the current situation regarding Confederate memorials in Virginia, and future plans for the guerrilla knitting installation.

The issue of Confederate monuments continues to garner media attention with CBS airing a 60 Minutes special called "The history and future of Confederate monuments" last week. The episode, which can be accessed online, looks at how different localities have dealt with Confederate memorials.

On April 19-20 a symposium at the University of Virginia will address the topic of toppling monuments from antiquity to the present with TKP contributing to one session. More details about this to follow as soon as they are available.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates on The Kudzu Project!

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